Got Snakes? was founded in 2004 by David Allen, a passionate and skilled naturalist with a strong interest in herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians). Since early childhood David Allen has taken every opportunity to study and observe wildlife near and far.

David’s childhood passion has developed into a career taking him to exotic locations around the world and to the most remote wild lands of the US. David has worked with black mambas and crocodiles in South Africa, tracked chimpanzees in the dense forests of Uganda, and spent countless months in the field studying rattlesnakes and other wildlife throughout United States. 

Degrees in Wildlife Management and Natural History and Ecology allow David to provide the most comprehensive and informative Snake Removal Service available. Further experience in Landscape Architecture, Natural Resource Management, and Public Education allows David to tackle each project holistically. He leaves no stone unturned, literally!

David’s diverse background is what sets Got Snakes? apart from more conventional pest control companies. 

Bay Area Snake Removal