3 Rattlesnakes removed from a property in Los Altos, Ca


Have you recently seen a snake on your property and are concerned for your family and pets?

We conduct comprehensive snake inspections of residential, rural, and commercial properties to locate and remove any problematic snakes.  Following the property inspection we provide a detailed consultation discussing improvements that could be made to reduce the likelihood of future snake encounters. Consultations also cover general aspects of snake behavior and identification as well as the “do's and don’ts” when encountering a snake.


  • Snake in the garage, in the yard, in the house? Call NOW! 
  • We offer a FREE snake identification service! Simply text snake photos to   (925) 997-3730

Property Inspections & Consultations  

  • No longer see the snake? Did you see a snake a few days ago. We provide comprehensive property inspections and consultations. Whether your gardener found a nonvenomous snake in the yard or you have an ongoing rattlesnake problem on a large rural property we can help!

Educational Outreach

  • Resource for news and media outlets
  • Natural history and ecology
  • Rattlesnake behavior and safety precautions
  • Reptile and amphibian Conservation
  • Safety training 

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